Why I started a fitness site…

My (fun) fitness plan (which is not business related)

Everyone who starts a new website is usually aiming for a website success story. At this time I set a different goal for my site project. First, I explicitly defined that the success of the site in terms of heavy traffic should not be my goal. This will be more a fun project on the site which is dedicated to myself. Working on the computer all day long has had a bad influence on my body shape. Therefore I made up my mind, and committed to change that situation. The commitment to that change will be my new site project.

First I started off by changing the way I work by exchanging my working desk to a standing desk. This alone will not have the desired impact on my body. Therefore I had to continue with another step to get closer to my goal. Let’s define my goal.

MY GOAL: Get in shape, now

Some of the questions which come up when I think about this project is.
1. How do I get there?
2. Where will I get my motivation from?
3. Will I stick to my plan?

Over the last decade and more I created and managed several sites. Therefore I know what it takes to work consistently on the success of a website. Doing sport activities is pretty similar to having a successful site. You have to be persistent on your goal. Failing on the way to your goal is a common procedure. Therefore, YOU need to stick to your goal, no matter what.

In order to solve the first problem, I am opening a fitness motto site for myself and to people who want to join that particular goal.

The slogan of my project is: What is your fitness motto?

Everyone has a different fitness motto and it might change from day to day. Therefore I am trying to write down snapshots of my own fitness mottos. This slogan will answer my second question. It should motivate myself and maybe others to see what fitness motto’s keep people doing sports.

What fitness activities am I doing at the moment?

  • Ball dancing 1 hour per week
  • Zumba dancing 1 hour per week
  • free weights lifting (no schedule)
  • running (no real schedule)
  • home fitness e.g. push ups, sit-ups, jumping jack

No one can predict the future, therefore I can not say if I stick to my fitness plan. But what I can say, is that I feel very motivated to transform my goal into reality.

Thank you for reading about my fitness goal.