The forum software market is declining

More and more forum owners are closing down their forum boards. The reason for this trend might be facebook or not, but admins do not tend to search for forum software this much anymore. If you look at the chart you see that the main forum software solutions like vbulletin, Invision Power Board and xenforo are not as popular as they used to be. Well xenforo is pretty new, but their software solution seems to be appealing to some admins. Phpbb is not listed on this chart, but you can check for yourself and you will see that the opensource forum community is also a little in trouble.

Most forum company solutions tend to say that facebook is not a problem and that you can actually use facebook to market your forum. But why are users leaving forum communities in favor of facebook? You have not noticed it, yet? Then you might want to check your forum numbers again.

What do you think, does this google chart represent your forum community trend?