When do you consider a website a failure?

You are creating websites? Then you probably measure success by daily user visits. In case you are doing landing pages for a product, then you might also check the daily sold items. No matter what, traffic is important. But how much time do you give yourself to convert your website project into a successful project. When is the point that you say I have to close a site down because of not achieving your desired statistics?

First of all, you should have set your goals at the beginning of a website project very precisely. My initial fitnessmotto.com goal was not to build a successful website but to motivate myself doing fitness. I did partly manage to transform my idea of doing more fitness. Daily fitness routines have been established over the last couple months. So, there is actually a change but the change is not really huge, at least not yet. On the other hand, my motivational website has practically no traffic which isn’t very motivating. While building the fitness site, the motivation started already on a high level, later on the site engagement decreased since no one was actually participating.

The website facts after a couple months:

  • the fitness website did motivate me only partly
  • the website traffic is pretty low
  • low search engine keyword results

Here are the stats of the fitness site

Can I still turn this site into a mindblowing project?
In order to transform a project into a desired goal, I will have to analyse everything I have done so far. Did I do marketing for the site? A little! By a little I mean that I have done some link building and sporadic radio ads in California and Great Britain.

What is the fitness website slogan or focus?
It has been a social network pinning strategy where users can pin their favorite fitness motivation videos and pictures around the web on one site. The idea of it is temporary okay. Users could of course also choose to go to pinterest. So I think that I could only manage to turn this project around if my content is unique. Fitness itself is more fun when people join up in a group and focus on a goal. That’s why I would like to remain the social part of the site. But what I chould change is the purpose, the reason…

Here is my idea for the fitness motto idea:
Users create fitness motto tasks and other users fulfill the tasks filming performing their tasks. Only users who fullfilled a task can create new fitness motto tasks. Every fitness task should have a motto.

What do you think of this idea?

Note about an advice from Aaron Swartz
Aaron Swartz was a very successful web entrepreneur who commited suicide a couple days ago.

Words of Advice

What’s the secret? How can I boil down things I do into pithy sentences that make myself sound as good as possible? Here goes:

  1. Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. I think a lot of what people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.
  2. Say yes to everything. I have a lot of trouble saying no, to an pathological degree — whether to projects or to interviews or to friends. As a result, I attempt a lot and even if most of it fails, I’ve still done something.
  3. Assume nobody else has any idea what they’re doing either. A lot of people refuse to try something because they feel they don’t know enough about it or they assume other people must have already tried everything they could have thought of. Well, few people really have any idea how to do things right and even fewer are to try new things, so usually if you give your best shot at something you’ll do pretty well.

I followed these rules. And here I am today, with a dozen projects on my plate and my stress level through the roof once again.